>> FROM APRIL TO SEPTEMBER - History from behind the scenes
From 1st April to 30th June and from 1st September to 30th September (except 19th–20th September : National Heritage Days) Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, at 4.30 p.m. From 1st July to 30th August, every day at 5,00 p.m.

Individual visitors (in small groups formed on site) have exceptionally access to underground passageways and towers of the medieval fortress, just under the Renaissance Royal House. Thus, at the foot of the château’s walls they reach the Garçonnet Tower, built in the XVth century by order of Louis XI, from where they can join the Lys Room, formerly a refectory for the guards. From here, they follow the rampart wall as far as the ditches of the old watch tower and then past the rooms containing lapidary fragments. The visitors then make their way through the maze of underground passages to the heart of the Minimes Tower. A one-hour guided tour in French for individual visitors in good health (over the age of 7).

Admission fee for the individual adult visitor 14 €, student 12.5 € and child 10.5 €. This includes the guided tour of the underground passageways and free access to the Château after the tour.

Groups will be formed on site (with a maximum of 18 visitors). Prior booking is suggested during the week. Refer to special conditions of access on


>> FROM JUNE 24th TO AUGUST 29th - Nocturnal enchantment «at Francois’ court»

On wednesday and saturday - Information & Booking: 02 47 57 14 47


>> 19th and 20th SEPTEMBER - European heritage days

Guided tour with presentations during the afternoon.


>> FROM JULY 3rd to AUGUST 21st - Strolling under the stars «Our Kings’ childhood dreams»
Every Friday from 3rd July to 21st August, from 10.30 p.m. in July and 10 p.m. in August.

The Château of Amboise, residence of the Royal Court in the Renaissance period, was also a place where royal children were born and grew up: Charles VIII, François I and the children of Henri II and Catherine de’ Medici who took shelter here for a while from the epidemics and political turmoil. The terraces, illuminated exceptionally and accompanied with sound and visual effects, take us back in time with the shouts and games of the young princes and princesses. The gardens are brought to life with mad races, with greyhounds and the royal children’s favourite horses. As evening falls, the various activities of the day make way for the dreams and meditations of our young princes destined one day, maybe, to become King. An original musical creation by Yukijung using projections and audio-visual techniques to combine voices, light, video and musical creation.

Admission fee to the starlit stroll: adult 6.5 €, student and child 5 €. 2 € discount on presentation of a valid ticket for the visit of the Château on the same day.

>> NOVEMBER 7th - Saint-Hubert’s day

Saint-Hubert’s day is usually a time for hunters to celebrate the day of their patron saint. But this custom takes on special pomp and ceremony in Touraine, where there is a rich tradition of hunting with hounds. Amboise forest
is well-suited for this type of hunting, especially for larger game, where the practice dates back to the XVIth century, when the Valois kings would set out on long hunts from their royal residence of Amboise. On 7th November 2009, the Royal Château of Amboise revives this heritage by inviting some remarkable guests, as there will be a pack of hounds barking to accompany the horn-players during the ceremonies preceding each hunt.

- 9h00 Mass for Saint Hubert in the Château’s main courtyard, in the presence of hunting horn players and the Amboise hunting party.
- 10h00 Blessing for the Amboise hunting party in front of Saint-Hubert’s chapel in the Château grounds.
- 10h30 Collation for the hunters and departure of the hunt.

Access included in the admission fee to the Château.

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